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About Plate and Pantry

Founded in 2014, a desire to share our favorite family pickle recipe is what has guided us over the years. Our goal from the start was simple- provide Bozeman, MT residents with a tasteful bouquet of unique and flavorful products all derived from that one favorite family recipe. We think of ourselves as that familiar roadside pantry market that has been charged with celebrating the little touches that make an everyday meal remarkable! Our assortment of products, headlined by our signature Sweet Garlic Pickles, does just that!


Growing up, I was blessed with the gift of a stay-at-home mom. My mothers’ passion and love for her family are expressed in many ways, but her ability to express that through a great homemade meal is one of my most enjoyed expressions of that love. Often, the clinking and clanking of the pans and lids composed a symphony of a meal that consisted of meat and potatoes, however, it was the smaller touches that often took the everyday meal to something remarkable. One of those small touches was mom’s sweet garlic pickles, a recipe our family has enjoyed for over 30 years. A family secret until our founding in 2014, we now have fun packaging and sharing our favorite pickle in a convenient, family friendly, easy to open bag so you can quickly enjoy. The passion that is so loving shown from my mother is what inspires Plate & Pantry to create unique, flavorful, great tasting products for you to enjoy. Plate & Pantry invites you to join in the celebration by experiencing what is perhaps Bozeman’s most original and tasty lineup of pickles, BBQ sauces and, a uniquely versatile hot pepper spread.


As we look to the future, we envision an expanded product line that will continue to create new food memories that we hope will become permanent staples on your plate and in your pantry!


All made in Bozeman, MT