“Bryan’s pickles are the best pickles I have ever had. Plate and Pantry’s sweet pickles have the perfect balance of sugar, vinegar and crunch which are important characteristic of a GOOD pickle. If you like spices their habanero spicy/sweet pickles are just spicy enough and so delicious you want to eat a whole jar. Both pickles go well with sandwiches, BBQ and more. If you like pickles you are missing out unless you try Plate and Pantry’s pickles, my favorite.”

-Sarah Hill
Private Chef & Event Coordinator


“Plate & Pantry pickles are simply the best, with any food or right out of the jar. I am convinced they are perfect for any holiday table!!”

Bozeman, MT


“Plate & Pantry pickles have a savory flavor, you can’t just stop at one bite. I would recommend this product. Pure joy!!”

Seattle, WA


“The best way to describe the products from Plate & Pantry is “mouth-watering”. Everything I have tried from Plate & Pantry is so delicious. The Sweet Garlic Pickles are my favorite and I can’t leave Heebs until I get a jar! I’m not usually a sweet pickle person, but I LOVE these. Bryan, the owner, is a great person and I love supporting his business. If you haven’t tried the Sweet Garlic Pickles or the Spicy Habanero Pickles, you need to! You are in for a treat but beware, once you start eating them you may not be able to stop!”

– Comfort C. Price
Bozeman, MT



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