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See what our customers have to say about our products and why they keep coming back!

Bryan’s pickles are the best pickles I have ever had. Plate and Pantry’s sweet pickles have the perfect balance of sugar, vinegar and crunch which are important characteristic of a GOOD pickle. If you like spices their habanero spicy/sweet pickles are just spicy enough and so delicious you want to eat a whole jar. Both pickles go well with sandwiches, BBQ and more. If you like pickles you are missing out unless you try Plate and Pantry’s pickles, my favorite.


Private Chef & Event Coordinator

Hello, I had some of your company’s pickles when I was on vacation up there back in September. Had them on a Bloody Mary at Dry Hills distillery. They’re the best pickles I’ve ever had. Brought a few bags of each kind back here to California and they didn’t last long. I shared them with friends and family who all agreed they were very good. Long story short, I’ve been out of these pickles for a while now and have yet to find a better pickle. Thank you!

Orangevale, CA

Plate & Pantry pickles are simply the best, with any food or right out of the jar. I am convinced they are perfect for any holiday table!!

Bozeman, MT

The order is a surprise for my husband. He’s going to freak! My mouth is schmacking now in anticipation! Thanks for a great product!

Lakeport, CA

Thank you and don’t quit making your delicious pickles. We’ve loved them since we had them at the farmer’s market. That made our day!

West Yellowstone, MT

Plate & Pantry pickles have a savory flavor, you can’t just stop at one bite. I would recommend this product. Pure joy!!

Seattle, WA

The best way to describe the products from Plate & Pantry is “mouth-watering”. Everything I have tried from Plate & Pantry is so delicious. The Sweet Garlic Pickles are my favorite and I can’t leave Heebs until I get a jar! I’m not usually a sweet pickle person, but I LOVE these. Bryan, the owner, is a great person and I love supporting his business. If you haven’t tried the Sweet Garlic Pickles or the Spicy Habanero Pickles, you need to! You are in for a treat but beware, once you start eating them you may not be able to stop!”

Bozeman, MT